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                    Technological innovation in machinery manufacturing industry

                    2016-07-08 14:13:17
                        The machinery manufacturing industry is the basis of the national economy and social development, and is an important embodiment of a country s comprehensive national strength. Modern machinery manufacturing technology is the integration of modern technology and industrial innovation, and it is the foundation and pillar of the development of the industry. With the rapid development of modern science and technology, people s living standard is improving day by day, and higher requirements for machinery manufacturing industry are put forward. The quality and quantity requirements of machine manufacturing products are also improving. Therefore, to understand the current situation of mechanical manufacturing technology in China, grasp the development trend of modern mechanical manufacturing technology, and independently create the leading mechanical manufacturing technology, become the main development direction of our machinery manufacturing industry.
                        Warmly celebrate Foshan Hengyuan Machinery Equipment Co., the company s official website opened!
                    Chongqing century Jingxin Industrial (Group) Co. Ltd., chairman of Mr. Zhou Zhenhua, in the machinery manufacturing industry for more than ten years, witnessed the development process of domestic machinery manufacturing industry, also continue to deepen the reform of technology innovation. He believes that new technologies can bring new products, new products can change people s lives, and thus promote the development of China s machinery manufacturing industry. As a pioneer of technological innovation in the industry, Mr. Zhou Zhenhua has many personal original technologies and personal patents, and has won the national awards such as China s Machinery Industry Excellence Achievement Award and quality product innovation award due to its outstanding industry contribution. 
                          The successful introduction of brand products with excellent technology
                          The traditional air purification technology is HEPA and activated carbon, and other technologies will bring two pollution. In order to reduce energy consumption, reduce pollution, Zhou Zhenhua led the R & D team, combined with the use of a "molecular break" technology innovation, launched its own brand products -- "net world", a high voltage pulse forming high energy particle processing of harmful substances using the product, no filter, no adsorption components, no supplies, no the replacement, no two pollution, no maintenance costs, low energy consumption, sustainable use for a long time, and efficiency without attenuation, better sterilization effect. Compared with the traditional air purification technology, "molecular break" technology is considered as the leading air purifier in the field of technology, are strongly recommended disinfection of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, and also has been widely recognized by the technology to create a "net world" products. 
                          A kind of intelligent energy saving device for air-conditioner
                          Air conditioning has become a necessity in people s life. However, its energy consumption has also brought a burden to people s life and environmental protection. In this regard, Mr. Zhou Zhenhua, the innovative design of the air conditioning energy saving device of an intelligent, by using infrared sensor, temperature sensor, data feedback device, micro processor, air conditioning, data programming device, the device of the energy-saving technology can make air conditioning automatically shut down when the user leaves the room, and automatically start at the user back to the room. The whole process is free of manual control, easy to use, simple in structure, low in cost and wide in scope of application, and has been well received by users. This technology not only reduces the economic and environmental burden caused by excessive use of air conditioning, but also brings great benefits and good reputation for the company.
                          Environmental protection spraying display system for machined castings
                         At present, during the processing of mechanical castings, it is often necessary to spray the machined castings for better surface protection. With the increase of the demand for products, the general treatment method has been unable to meet the requirements. In order to select or check the surface condition of better display for casting, Mr. Zhou Zhenhua developed a mechanical casting environmental protection spray display system used for better mechanical spraying the surface of the casting, and according to the need to improve the spraying effect, but also convenient for casting of the display and use as needed.
                          With the development of the society, there are varieties, quick updates, high quality, convenient use, reasonable price, beautiful appearance, high degree of automation and good after-sales service. It has become more and more demanding for the product. Mr. Zhou Zhenhua s personal original technology and patented technology innovation has always been committed to improving the lives of people, but also lead to a good atmosphere of technological innovation in manufacturing industry machinery, has brought huge economic benefits to the enterprise development, made outstanding contributions to the development of the industry.
                          Faced with China machinery manufacturing industry challenges, Mr Zhou Zhenhua has proved to innovative technology and brand, and strive to improve the level of manufacturing and efficiency, the formation of a strong technological innovation capability, optimize the product structure of the enterprise, in order to improve the production capacity and expand market share, to obtain the scale benefits, so as to improve the competitiveness of enterprises the environment, become the mainstay in mechanical manufacturing industry.


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